all_kuzmichino (all_kuzmichino) wrote,

Not specially

Operator: Hello
Jean-Michel: Is, is this suicide hotline?
Op: Yes, my names Joe whats yours?
JM: Jean-Michel
Joe: Jean-Michel, what's that french?
JM: Haitian....I'm gonna, i'm gonna blow my brains out.....
Joe: Wait a minute talk to me.
JM: No i'm gonna take these pills
Joe: What kind of pills?
JM: Reds, blues, greens, whole fuckin rainbow. Trustees harrassin me.....
Joe: Are you in prison?
JM: No, city's killin me
Joe: Your talkin to the right person how is it killing you?
JM: Boyfriend left
Joe: Been there, did you love him?
JM: Not specially, i'm alone, (sigh) we all are here.
Respect fools get, disrespect i get.....
Joe: I have respect for you just for making this call this is not an easy call to make
JM: You won't be so arrogant once the police arrive
Joe: You ok, whats that noise?
JM: (snickering) That's just my mother......

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